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Shipping & Returns

Can I have it delivered to where I work, or elsewhere?

Of course yes. When ordering, just ask the delivery address. We also need your billing address to process payments. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery address is the desire and ability to take delivery of the product (S), in particular, it has a certain brand of the spacecraft. Please note the following:

We do not accept delivery or mailbox Airport - PO Box or make delivery of orders will be canceled and a full refund, provided that the product (s) for all canceled checks.

Orders can be shipped to the shipping companies, hotels, family hotels, which are the possession of your name in order to determine the storage and movement of business. However, they did not offer refund after taking delivery of the goods damaged in the name of one of those positions.

Returns and exchange

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can not put in original condition and in its original packaging within 28 days of receipt of the declaration, we will refund the full product price

If the product is not to blame or received in their original and unworn within 28 days of receiving the original packaging to return, we can not offer an option of refund or replacement.

We can not accept damaged or lost in transit, claims and liability. Warning packaged product, to avoid injury, by registered mail or courier to return the goods. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of delivery. The cost of returning goods will be borne by the user. After returning to cancel the products in issue costs have brought you.

Please choose the size carefully ...

We exchange shoes are not the costs of smaller size, correct postage. You must first send us a return or exchange goods and inform the right. It is the discretion of the Company back the cost of return under this policy, which could attract a tax of 20%. You can expect to pay a refund for the purchase of the original form within 30 days after receiving a refund or seven days notice of cancellation. Shipping and handling fees shall not be returned (1) undeliverable packages (including shippers can not find customers, resulting in the decision will be returned to sender or abandoned), (2) was rejected, or (3) remove the "order of delivery of goods shipped after. All undeliverable or refused orders will be treated as a return, that the returned item, using the same strategy.

If you get damaged, defective or wrong item, we will refund the shipping charges. We will do everything possible to quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you can fix it. We will be happy to return within 30 days from the date of shipment and the same project. If you want a refund, then the value of the damage, defective goods or wrong will be repaid in full, including delivery charges. Within 60 days after the failure to develop a product, please contact us

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